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Is a Laptop Stand Necessary?

Feeling the stress after long hours of using your laptop? Well, you then surely need a laptop stand. Most of the laptop stands you find in the market are able to lift your laptop up, yet with PROXA’s Laptop Stand, you will have an even better experience at work.

Here are some features regarding PROXA’s Laptop Stand.😎

🔥 Reusable: You may remove whenever you want, and the adhering part won’t get sticky. And if you feel like using it again, just stick it right back.

🔥 Portable and slim: PROXA Laptop Stand is light-weighted and perfect for people who need to travel a lot with their laptops.

🔥 Correct positions: The angle of the laptop lifted is calculated to correct your using position.

PROXA Laptop Stand for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

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