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Back to Normal! Are You Ready?

As the COVID pandemic starts slowing down, it’s more likely to go back to face-to-face lectures in 2021! Have you thought of your outfits yet? What should you take with your first day back? Here are some necessities you should have in your bag. 🎒

Notebook 📔: If you are a person who likes to write notes down, a notebook is a must for you when attending lectures.

Device 💻: If you take notes via OpenNotes, a laptop or an iPad can be a helpful assistant.

PROXA Laptop Case: A laptop case should also be a must if you do not like carrying a sleeve around. Imagine putting your MacBook in your bag with keys and books, the scratches and marks on your laptop will be chaotic. PROXA’s Laptop Case provides great protection to keep your MacBook neat and clean. There are 4 rubberized feet to prevent your MacBook from slipping around on the desk.

Get a sunset orange case from PROXA for your MacBook and upgrade your outfits.

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